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The University of the West Indies

The University of the West Indies, the premiere tertiary level educational and research institution in the Caribbean, through its three main campuses serves as the major research group. The Department of Life Sciences, UWI St Augustine acts as the Project lead, conducting or supporting directly Forest Biodiversity modelling, Ecosystem Service modelling and GIS data collection. Department Head, Professor John Agard acts as the Project leader, spearheading the planning and execution of project activities. For more information of the Department of Life Sciences UWI St Augustine, click here.

The Department of Physics, UWI Mona is leading the climate change downscaling aspects of this project, working with new global concentration pathways to generate detailed projections of the impacts of climate change on regional weather patterns. Dr Michael Taylor will be supervising this project component.

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) is the official institution for coordinating climate change efforts within the Caribbean Region, especially at a policy level, will play a very key role in ensuring that the results of the project are disseminated within the Region, and incorporate into relevant policies, documents, and discussions. The CCCCC will provide targeted technical support to the all the technical teams of the project, with an emphasis on the Climate Change downscaling components. The CCCCCC will also provide expert advice on Caribbean decision-making frameworks, providing advice on how to engage Governments and decision makers with the findings of the Golo CarSce. For more information on the CCCCC click here.

The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute

The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) has had significant experience in agricultural research and development in terms of food security and has two offices in the Caribbean- UWI St. Augustine, Trinidad and the other in Jamaica. CARDI will conduct and support project food security research at the UWI Mona and UWI St Augustine. This research will investigate potential impacts of Climate Change on the production of important Caribbean staples such as Sweet Potato. This research will also explore possible means of adaptation to the anticipated effects of Climate Change. For more information on the CARDI click here.

The Cropper Foundation

The Cropper Foundation (TCF) is a not-for-profit organization established in August 2000, under The Companies Act, 1995 of Trinidad & Tobago. The Foundation is to act as a framework mechanism for networking people, dialogue and resources across various sectors of the society for the public good and to influence, participate and contribute to Sustainable Development policy and practice – locally, for the Caribbean region, and globally. The Foundation has been an active partner since the conceptual stage of this action, assisting the Project lead in the development of the proposal submitted to the ACP. The Foundation will act as the project management unit, supporting the project leader to ensure smooth implication of various project components. Project financial and progress reporting, ensuring smooth communication between partners management of project documentation and contracting and organization of project meetings are all the responsibility of the Project management Unit. These activities will be conducted in close association with the UWI. For more details on The Cropper Foundation click here.

The Stockholm Environment Institute

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is an independent international research institute. It has been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for more than 20 years worldwide. The SEI will be leading the socioeconomic modelling components of this project in collaboration with researchers across the UWI. Dr Eric Kempt Benedict Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute’s Asia Center will be supervising this aspect of the projects research For more information on SEI click here.